Automotive Compounds

Automotive Compounds

Under The Hood Components

Here, mechanical performance and integrity of the compound is of utmost importance. The product should withstand certain amount of heat too. NGF has designed a range of Nano Talc products which imparts higher tensile strength than conventional Talc and gives higher resistance to heat.

Over The Hood Components

NGF has designed Talc Products for components where touch and feel matter the most. Our range of High Whiteness Talc, with correct ratio of Lamellar and Rhombus particles, imparts high Flexural Strength without compromising on Impact Strength.


Surface modification of the particle structure is our core strength. NGF’s range of Nano Talc has a very high surface area. They are inert in nature and are easily dispersible in the polymer matrix. Being inert in nature, they reduce the effect of Polymer Degradation by Solvents and Additives in the Paint Chemicals.

We can design the Talc Particles to come to the surface of the Polymer Compound, so that they form a protective layer between the Polymer Compound and the Paint applied on the surface. If the Pigment Resin is directly used in the moulded product, we can design the particles to  spread evenly in the polymer matrix to minimise the effect of degradation in paint solvent.


The size of the particles is the most important attribute to have the effect of maximum nucleation in the polymer. Small particles causes maximum nucleation effect. NGF’s Nano Talc range is best to achieve very high nucleation rates where quality of the product matters most. Due to its very high surface area, very small quantity of our Talc is required to achieve the desired effect.