Paper & Pulp

Talc is a natural hydrated magnesium silicate – H2Mg3(SiO3)4, it is very soft, is low abrasive, have platy particle structure, is chemically inert and organophilic material. These are reason why many paper mill use this filler. The uses of talc as a paper filler is suitable for two things, paper smoothness and good spool formation.

As talc is a platy particle structure, it helps improve the paper smoothness. The low coefficient of friction of talc helps to produce a large spool with constant tension. Talc is an organophilic, so absorbs impurities from the process, such as pitch, resin particles.

Hence talc is used as a cleaner of the wet-end system of the paper machine. Talc also prevents agglomeration. Therefore improve paper machine runnability. NGF Talc helps in achieving the following during Paper and Pulp Manufacturing

  1. Less wire abrasion hence extends life time of the wire cloth in paper machine compare with the GCC and PCC.
  2. Improve dewatering.
  3. Lower effect on the paper strength compare with other fillers.
  4. As talc is organophilic it is helps to reduce dye consumption and two-sidedness in colored paper.