Protective Coating

Protective Coating

Barrier Effect

NGF has designed Microfine Talc LAMSTEA 10, which has ultra-high platy particles which reduces the transfer of Oxygen and Water Molecules through the Paint Film. As the particle size is very fine, when the paint film is applied on to the surface, the micro fine LAMSTEA particles stacks itself in layer upon layer, thus increases the barrier effect.

Solvent Reduction

As rules and regulations are bending towards lower VOC (Volatile Organic Compound), formulation LAMSTEA 10 has been designed to have lower Oil Absorption Levels. It is understood, that by decreasing the particle size, we can achieve an increase in the surface area. LAMSTEA 10 has been processed by using NGF’s own Surface Modification Technology, which makes the particle dispersion faster, without using any aid of foreign chemicals. Thus, one can load higher percentage of Talc in the formulation, maintaining the desired level of viscosity.

Corrosion Protection

As Talc itself is an inert material, which has very low reactivity with acids and alkali, NGF has designed sorting processes of mineral ore right from it’s mines so that only very high purity Talc ore’s are used for manufacturing the Fillers for Protective Coating Manufacturing. Thus it can be used in coating formulation where Industrial Pipes or Storage Tanks are used to carry acidic or alkaline based products.