Rubber Compound

Rubber Compound

Rubber is a very versatile substance. It is soft and stretchable in its pure form, but with proper compounding it can be made stiffer and harder, or very flexible and soft. NGF has developed varies grades of Talc that imparts such variable properties.

NGF Talc can be used in Tyre Compounds, Oil Seals, Rubber Hoses, Cables.

Increase Mechanical Strength

ARCCOMP 10 has microcrystalline rhombus shape particles which are excellent in increasing the stiffness of the material. Due to their higher coverage area, the Talc Particles bond with the rubber compound and creates a mesh of composite structure which increases the mechanical strength of the material.

Barrier Against Oxygen and Water Vapour

Talc, by nature, is a hydrophobic material and it repels Oxygen Molecules. NFG’s Talc products with Nano Particles have a very high surface area coverage. Due to its very low Oil Absorption Rate, the particles disperse evenly in the polymer matrix and creates a mesh which minimises the transfer of water vapour and oxygen molecule.

Fire Resistance

Talc is hydrophobic and electrically neutral and therefore acts as an insulator for wire and cable. It acts as a Fire Retardant and creates a layer of char which protects the polymer.