Engineering Plastic Components

Engineering Plastic Components

Mechanical Strength

When fillers are loaded into Polymer compound, they sit in the polymer matrix as it is and do not interact with the compound chemically. Thus it becomes important to study the behaviour of the particle structure in reference to the desired performance. NGF’s Talc products are designed to impart physical strength to the polymer compound.

Creep Resistance

Engineering parts need higher dimensional stability and need to keep their original shape intact. NGF’s Nano Talc with micro fine lamellar structure is most effective in this aspect. It has very high surface area and spreads evenly in the Polymer Matrix. This reduces the long term creep and keeps the shape of the product intact for a long period of time.

Chemically Inert

Talc is inert in nature and can be used in highly acidic environment. It will protect the polymer from degrading.