Talc is being used in number of Industries with variable applications, in Ceramic Industry it is used as low expansion flux so that it reduces the thermal expansion of the body by converting the quartz minerals and kaolin to silicates of magnesia. In Paint and Coating industry it is being used as an extender of pigments or as a barrier for protection against acidic substances. In Polymer Industry it is being used as reinforcing agent to impart flexural strength or to impart rigidity or to reduce polymer content and make it more eco friendly.

Research & Development:

Research and Development is the core of our company. It is our constant endeavour to analyse the strength and weakness of the material and develop new uses of the products.

Customer’s product and end consumer demand is given first priority while developing any new grade of product.

NGF is associated with the team of highly qualified professionals in diversified filed, thus we can cater to wide variety of technical demands from our customers. Weather it is to decrease weight of any specific product while keeping the mechanical aspects intact, or to decrease the use of metal oxide’s in client’s formulation without affecting the tinting strength.

Technical Support:

We understand our Customer’s need and we also focus on Customer’s Clients’ need. NGF gives full technical support to its clients where our product is involved.

We give tech support in how to use the filler to get maximum output in performance. Be it in Coating Industry or Polymer Industry or for Pulp and Paper. NGF’s research team always tries to find a better way to incorporate the filler in the customer’s processes.

Any query from the client is treated as a new opportunity to improve the performance of our products.

Quality Assurance:

We give very high priority on the consistency of our product. Though the materials we are using as coming directly from Natural Resources and they have a lot of variation in them inherently. We take care is segregating the crude by following parameters.

  • By its Colour
  • By its Purity and Chemical Integrity
  • By the shape of its Cross Section
  • By its Crystalline Structure

Each of these parameters helps us identifying the industry in which the ore can be used.

If there is any quality issue, it is our commitment to the client, to replace the material at the clients end, with the performing material at our cost.

Innovation & Sustainability:

Mining of natural resources is not a sustainable activity. The resources are depleting as we mine it over the years and one day will exhaust. Which is why INNOVATION becomes the key for sustainability. There is a continuous process of finding the ways to enhance the performance of the material so that we can reduce it’s quantity of usage.

NGF’s basic and core guideline is Innovation and Sustainability goes hand in hand. This is the driving force behind our organisation and each and every employee works with the motive to find ways and methods to get the targeted results.

  1. We have successfully micronized the product to Nano Scale
  2. Have Modified the Structure of Talc Particle at Nano Scale
  3. Reduced the Oil Absorption of the Powder while increasing its surface area.